(NEW) Gig Strap™ massaging guitar strap attachment (Wide 3-3.5" straps)

  • (NEW)  Gig Strap™ massaging guitar strap attachment (Wide 3-3.5" straps)
  • (NEW)  Gig Strap™ massaging guitar strap attachment (Wide 3-3.5" straps)
  • (NEW)  Gig Strap™ massaging guitar strap attachment (Wide 3-3.5" straps)
  • (NEW)  Gig Strap™ massaging guitar strap attachment (Wide 3-3.5" straps)

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The GIG Strap (with 'pressure point technology') comes in two sizes to accommodate virtually any size guitar strap:

Standard size for straps 2 – 2 ½ inches in width and

Wide size for straps 3 – 3 ½ inches in width. 


D&A Guitar Gear has been committed to unique and patented designs and engineering in the reinventing of the most important guitar accessories - guitar stands & hangers. Our goal has been the elimination of past faulty designs for one purpose: the ultimate achievement in safety and security for your instruments.  Introducing the D&A ‘GIG Strap’.  This is D&A’s first product dedicated not to health and safety of the guitar, but to the health and safety of the “guitarist”.  It has been designed meticulously to assist in the relief of pain & aching that can manifest from hours of a heavy instrument resting on a player’s shoulder.  It also assists as a preventative to any of those symptoms that many and countless guitarists/bassists face. Enduring 2 years of Research & Development which included dedicated research of the human anatomy and nerve-structure in these problematic areas, makes the D&A Gig Strap a "one of a kind".


D&A ‘s GIG Strap can be added to virtually any guitar strap on the market.  Unlike traditional guitar-strap pads, The GIG Strap is fastened easily by wrapping it around almost any guitar strap and quickly locking it around with an ultra-high-grade injection-molded Velcro Fastening Strip (with much better locking characteristics than standard fabric Velcro).  When fastened around your guitar strap the GIG Strap can be slid in either direction, adjusted easily ‘on the fly’ by using the bi-directional pull-rings on either end of the pad.  


The GIG Strap uses precisely sized and positioned  Co-Molded Studs manufactured from T.P.E. (Thermal Plastic Elastomer); a polymer also found at all contact points on all other D&A products.  The darker-colored inner stud in a more ridged durometer (or ‘hardness’), and a softer durometer on the lighter-colored outer stud layer combine a sturdiness for applying needed pressure AND a layer of softer T.P.E. for a more comfortable contact point (like finger tips!) that also helps keep The GIG Strap in its proper place on your back/shoulder.


Like all D&A products, with almost two years of Research & Development, The GIG Strap is designed and manufactured from the best, safest and most reliable materials for their specific applications.  The highest grade neoprene, dual-hardness polymers and molded Velcro fastening system is used in the manufacturing of this extremely amazing product.


We are absolutely sure that the design, engineering and materials we’ve used make The D&A GIG Strap the most technologically advanced product of its kind, in the world.  Because if this, we guarantee the product against manufacture defects and damage from normal use FOR A LIFETIME.  No other product manufacturer in its class can say that!