Arianna Powell


Arianna Powell is a professional guitarist based in Loa Angeles, CA. She holds a Bachelor of Jazz Guitar degree from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has played hundreds live shows, independent projects, private events, tribute shows, and local and international acts as a versatile guitarist with experience in jazz, rock, folk, pop and more. She is also a songwriter whose music has been featured on radio, blogs, and live songwriting shows. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Arianna began her career on the east coast and now resides in Los Angeles, California where she continues to perform regularly with a variety of acts.  She is best known as the front guitarist for the international recording artist Nick Jonas (pictured left) and is currently the front ‘woman’ as the guitarist for the Black Eyed Peas band.  In January of 2107 D& Guitar Gear was honored as Arianna joined the official D&A Guitar Gear artist roster.  We are jo jazzed to have her!

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